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Grupo & Fundación Sesé 4 Ukraine

Grupo & Fundación Sesé 4 Ukraine

When you are part of a company that puts its technical, material and human resources to help society in the most critical and decisive moments; when you belong to a company in which the ownership and management are committed to creating a Foundation whose purpose is to work and improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people… a smile is drawn on our faces, and a strong pride and a sense of belonging.

Given the difficult situation affecting Ukraine, Fundación and Grupo Sesé are carrying out the following actions as humanitarian aid:

  • The first collaborations began with the families of our fellow Ukrainian drivers, who requested help to get their families out of Ukraine. From the start, the colleagues of Sesé Poland, Tadeusz and his team (from HR to drivers in their personal time), have made this possible: they go to the border  to pick up families and then they provide them with flats. They have already supported more than 15 families and they keep on with this work relentlessly.
  • A group of 41 Ukrainians between the ages of 6 and 25, mostly orphaned children who have spent time with Aragonese foster families from the Association Asistencia a la Infancia, are trying to leave the country through the border with Poland. These children are meant to travel to Spain on a bus chartered by Grupo Sesé.
  • Coordinated by the Aragón Government, we, Grupo Sesé, alongside with other logistics operators such as Carreras, Transportes Sata and Global Spedition, make available the transport to carry goods from a warehouse in Plaza with Fetraz.
  • Relatives of our Ukrainian colleagues are also being offered to work in our closest operational units, such as the one in Holland, being able to transfer their family there as well.
  • On the other hand, from our fleet, Grupo Sesé has been registered in Kearney Outreach, the international transport platform that connects Organizations and/or people who have goods they want to send to Ukraine with transport companies that offer their collaboration depending on their availability.
  • Locally, Sesé is collaborating with several NGOs, such as Hambre Cero (La Fuerza del Corazón) and Asociación Sonrisas in order to transport food, blankets or sanitary products, assessing the needs constantly and always counting on the organization from fleet. This week two trucks will leave with aid; one of them from the NGO Hambre Cero that will arrive directly in Ukraine and another one with medicines from the NGO Open Verein will go from Germany to Ukraine.
  • Constantly a multitude of requests arise. Currently they are being responded sending transport with humanitarian aid to Slovakia and Poland. There are also some more local requests from people who have gotten a huge amount of goods and don’t know how to send them to there, including requests and collaborations from our colleagues.
  • Daily collects will be made in Ukrainian communities’s stores in Zaragoza and Grupo Sesé centers with the aim of collecting everything in our Mercazaragoza warehouse and, later, prepare the packages that will be sent to the refugee centers.
  • Currently, due to the arrival of refugees in Romania, channels of collaboration with Sesé Romania are also being launched, led by Gabriel Nita.

From Grupo Sesé we want to thank all the people on our team who are involved in all lines of action, as well as the organizations that reach out to collaborate with them, helping us to do our bit.