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Our business model

Your project is
our project

We design your customised supply chain with a firm commitment to find the best solution for you.
And if it does not exist, we will create it.


Your project is our project. Personal involvement and commitment determine our every step. It is part of us, of our company, of our values and our way of being and working. We are constantly aware of the needs of our customers and we act as their strategic ally, seeking solutions to their needs.

Innovation in every step we take

The supply chain of the future is digital, and also human. We have fully digitalised and automated processes, our own pioneering tools, first-class engineering, the best professionals and the most advanced technology to guarantee efficient management of the entire supply chain. Continuous improvement and innovation are part of our DNA.

Positive impact

We want to change the rules of the game. We want to be the company that enables the transformation that the sector and society need. We understand sustainability as a transversal approach integrated into our business model, with which we seek a balance between the development of our activity and respect for the environment and the well-being of people.

One team, 11,000 people

Sesé is the sum of a team of more than 11,000 professionals of 57 nationalities who, day after day, strive to provide the best service and the greatest dedication. We are aware that, in an increasingly complex world, there is a need for knowledgeable and conscientious companies, which are capable of delivering economic, social and environmental value at every stage of the supply chain. At Sesé we know it, we understand it and we apply it.

Our values

These are the beliefs, behaviours and ways of being that have brought us this far






Sesé is active in 20 countries throughout the world:

Europe, America, Africa and Asia.