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of electricity from renewable sources by 2022


of the fleet with EURO 6 engines and renewal every 3 years

- 14%

- CO2/km emissions

(2023 vs 2012)

13,2 Tn

CO2 avoided thanks to intermodality since 2018


of raw material for injection moulding is of recycled origin

Sesé has a comprehensive project to measure, verify and reduce the carbon footprint of all its activities and business lines

We are also aware of the impact that freight transport has on the environment, which is why we apply specific circular economy and efficiency policies to help mitigate climate change

Modular transport: duotrailer and gigatrailer

In 2018, Sesé completed the first duo-trailer journey in Spain. It is the largest and most efficient goods distribution vehicle in Europe and offers great advantages in terms of sustainability, safety and efficiency. It favours intermodality with rail transport, is designed to run on high-capacity roads and reduces the number of lorries on conventional roads, which is where the highest accident rates occur.

Pioneers in the use of renewable fuels

Sesé, together with Repsol and Scania, has been the first company to use renewable fuels that allow a reduction of up to 90% of CO2 emissions per journey.

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Sesé Chair – University of Zaragoza

In 2019 Sesé, together with the University of Zaragoza, created the Sesé Chair with the aim of developing innovative solutions for the supply chain to reduce the carbon footprint. Since then, both entities have been collaborating under the belief that the combination of innovation and talent is key to leading the change towards a more sustainable future.

Technology and digitisation in the service of sustainability

Process automation

Lean manufacturing

Data server virtualisation

End-to-end digitisation
End-to-end digitisation

Geothermal energy

Photovoltaic panels for self-supply

Lithium-ion/electric forklift trucks

Recirculated water in cooling processes and injection equipment

Recycled and recyclable raw materials

Returnable containers

Route optimisation system
To minimise diesel consumption and empty mileage