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Cargo consolidation and preferental shipment

Imports and exports.

Direct and express shipments

Urgent and direct shipments to any airport in the world.

Charter service

Charter management capacity according to the needs of the cargo and our customers.

Cross Trade customised solutions

We generate airport/domicile transport possibilities according to the needs of our clients.

Customs management

We carry out all types of customs procedures and indirect representation.

Through an advanced computer system and the connection via EDI with the Tax Agency, we take care of presenting your import, export and transit declarations, as well as any other procedure before Customs and other official organizations.

Flight monitoring

  • Review of applicable ground security required by the airline (aircraft, merchandise, access, etc.)
  • Control of cargo, courier and telecommunications operations
  • Any other supervision and management service before, during or after the flight, upon request of the airline

Cargo and mail handling

We offer ground assistance to cargo and mail through a set of comprehensive services that cover administrative, operational and management activities:

  • Representation and liaison services with the corresponding authorities.
  • Acceptance, handling, storage, maintenance and administration of air cargo units owned by the airlines we assist.
  • Physical handling of merchandise, processing of documentation, customs formalities and any measure agreed or required by the circumstances in export, import or transit of cargo and mail.
  • Application of all security controls required by current regulations to guarantee the highest levels of security for the merchandise we handle.

Airport Logistics

We have a wide range of additional services necessary for the organization and management of cargo handling, among which the following stand out:

Loading and unloading of trucks, labeling, repackaging, construction or reconstruction of loading units, management of empty ULDs, supply of fastening and stowage elements, transfers of goods between warehouses and transfers within the airport perimeter, storage, customs procedures, security of merchandise (X-ray inspection, ETD, EDD, visual and manual inspections available), assistance for “special” merchandise and documentary services and electronic messaging.

We provide direct services from Spain, China and Latin America

We have an extensive network of correspondents all over the world, agreements with major airlines and offices in the main cargo airports

We know the demands of the market and we adapt to continuous changes in procedures and regulations. We know how to adjust these variations to each need and expectation, both for airlines and their clients.

Presence in the main cargo airports in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza

Agreements and alliances with major airlines

Extensive network of agents and correspondents

Certified agent