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Sesé’s spirit is innovative and entrepreneurial. That is why we encourage research and the implementation of new tools. We go beyond the established norms. We anticipate. We don’t just settle.

Visibility, predictability and full control of your supply chain

Predictive, integrated and 100% adapted to the needs of each customer. This is the digital solution your supply chain needs.

Control Tower

Our proprietary software is fully integrated into the customer and supplier system and ensures full, real-time visibility and total control of the supply chain.

In addition, thanks to the application of artificial intelligence and data analytics, we perform predictive analyses that enable us to anticipate incidents and seek alternative solutions that do not impact operations

Predictive analysis


Hybrid cloud


Standardisation of processes





Industrial PLUS

Our in-house sequencing and optimisation system provides increased productivity, operational stability, task optimisation and product tracking and tracing.

PLUS Logistics

It manages any daily warehousing operation. It is flexible, customisable and allows our customers to access any information they need in real time.

PLUS Transport

We monitor and track any goods by road and air with real-time information on their status, location, expected arrival times and incidents should they occur.

We apply Industry 4.0 technological solutions in our production processes and warehouses

Pick to voice

Intuitive system integrated with Sesé PLUS enables major improvements in terms of productivity, reduced errors and increased safety

Pick to light

Visual order picking guidance system that increases picking rates, eliminates errors and increases process efficiency

Automated guided vehicles (AGV)

Autonomous vehicles for the internal movement of goods that maximise process efficiency. Reduced risk of accidents, space saving, elimination of downtime.

Automated robots

Our assembly lines are equipped with collaborative robots for fast and precise handling of injection moulding machines

Augmented reality

We use augmented technology to facilitate warehouse operations

Stock control by drone

Drones for JIT supply