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Warehouses worldwide


m2 managed


We cover all warehousing processes, from receipt of goods to delivery at the point of consumption. We adapt to the needs of each customer.

Cross Docking

By reducing overall stock levels and through intelligent management of stock in transit, we improve turnover, reduce handling errors and shorten lead times.


Just-in-time and sequenced part deliveries to production lines are a critical part of the supply chain. From supplier management and goods receiving to quality control, order picking and delivery to the production line, we guarantee continuity of production 365 days a year.

Automatic warehouses

We manage automated warehouses for different types of operations.

Picking, packing and kitting

Our picking operations are adapted to each customer’s needs and to the characteristics of each operation.


Our sequencing processes are controlled with our PLUS system to ensure traceability and process reliability. PLUS allows us to adapt to each type of sequencing by providing a customised solution for each part.


LLP or 4PL solutions that guarantee scalability and reliability.

Inventory management

We carry out inventories through VoCollect, which allows us to optimise management time, as well as the availability of data in real time.

Our in-house engineering team provides the experience and expertise to design and implement innovative solutions that ensure the continuous improvement of our business

Pick to voice

Intuitive system integrated with Sesé PLUS enables major improvements in terms of productivity, reduced errors and increased safety.

Pick to light

Visual order picking guidance system that increases the picking rate and eliminates errors. In other words, it increases the efficiency of the process.

Stock control by drone

Flexi forklift trucks

They allow a 30% increase in storage space.

Autonomous robots (AGVs)

Autonomous vehicles for the internal movement of goods that maximise process efficiency. Reduced risk of accidents, space saving, elimination of downtime.

Augmented Reality

We use augmented reality technology to facilitate warehouse operations

Drones for JIT


Control tower
More visibility, more monitoring

HProprietary resource management and visibility tool where the different actors in the supply chain can share information in real time and obtain service level indicators.

Sesé PLUS Logistics

Our internal logistics management system offers visibility at all levels, with specialised and customised modules for each customer.