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Vehicle carriers


vehicles transported per year

We work for the world’s leading manufacturers

Offices in:

Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

International distribution

Intermodal service

Road, rail and maritime

Lightened platforms

Closed transport for confiential vehicles

Contributing to the decarbonisation of freight transport is a priority for us

To this end, we work every day on sustainable and efficent solutions that minimise the impact on the envioronment

The entirety of our fleet uses Euro VI engines

3 vehicle carriers powered by renewable fuels

We renew all of our fleet every 3 years

We apply the best technology and resources to maximise efficiency and minimise the environmental impact of our routes and operations

Control Tower
Total visibility and control

Through our own software, we track all vehicles and goods. We provide real-time information on their status, location, expected arrival times and incidents if they occur.

Sesé PLUS Transport
Increased visibility, increased monitoring

Our global transport management system manages all day-to-day operations of our fleet worldwide. It provides real-time visibility and integrates with our customers’ and suppliers’ systems to share information automatically.

Smart Driving
More kilometeres, fewer emissions

We have a system capable of analysing routes and driving patterns that allows us to optimise productivity and reduce CO2 emissions while also meeting established schedules.


All our tractors and trailers are GPS-tracked.


Specific app for our entire fleet.


On-board device in all our vehicles.