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Sesé has extensive experience in industry, where it has developed supply chain solutions.

One of its most significant recent projects was for an industrial multinational: the construction of one of the largest automated warehouses in Europe.

The principal goals were greater flexibility, the doubling previous warehouse capacity and greater responsiveness to customer demand. During the five-year construction period for the automated warehouse there was no impact on end-customers or production and supply. Each phase of the project received the material and human support that it needed without affecting service levels for ongoing business.

A major challenge was building the team of maintenance managers and engineers to provide leadership to the project alongside the client. New posts and a specific service for the maintenance of industrial facilities were created. Augmented reality was implemented to improve processes, and a new control centre was introduced for integrated management of the warehouse and haulage operations.

Since then, Sesé has provided the security, service and confidence to be entrusted with the entire operation of what is currently the client’s benchmark automated warehouse in global terms. We have resolved incidents in a flexible, proactive, can-do way.