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Sesé has a long experience working for a huge seller of different tech products such as computers, TVs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones and gaming PCs, among others. Sesé currently manages the whole logistic process for the customer, from inbound to pick & pack, spare parts, return goods and many Value-Added-Services.

One of the most challenging seasons, the so-called “peak season”, starts in late October with maximum at “black-friday” and then on a high-level until Christmas. The increase between average days to “black-friday” was often more than +400% and there was a necessity to decrease the unavoidable backlog caused by the high load by customer.

The permanent high workload in planning and operations for high-season led to the consideration to implement a fully automatic packaging machine and conveyor-technics. As a result of this implementation, the productivity, flexibility and scalability increased whereas the consumption of packing-material decreased significant. Thanks to the packing-machine, we are able to pack up to 500 parcels per hour but also save up to 50% of packing-material. The “fit-to-size” parcels lead to 30% more parcels on the truck and filling-material is also not needed anymore.

As a Value-Added-Service, Sesé is also making an in-house repairing service for tech products such as tablets and desktop PCs making technical diagnosing, repairing, quality inspection, transport-safe packaging and processing of all returned service parts as a central return to vendor HUB all over EMEA region. The average of repairments is around 12,000 devices per month.