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The field of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) requires the ability to manage flows from factories to customers with very high-quality and respecting environmental standards. Sesé, as a global supply chain manager, offers its solutions to many companies in the sector.

We work with numerous brands for whom we carry out operations adapted to their needs and work peaks and seasonality of their promotions. In such a dynamic and sophisticated sector, it is vital to be able to adapt to the workflows of each company. Knowledge of co-packing and delayed differentiation are key, but also being able to respond to global import and export flow management, customs management, warehouse security, precision in product management and other relevant KPIs.

One of our successful business cases has been with an international consumer distribution company, who had a specific requirement: carry out a VAS process in which we repackage the garments in the quantity and format requested by the client.

Sesé built from the scratch a 20,000m2 warehouse in the Netherlands, where we manage all maritime unloading from the port to our warehouse. Once the material is received in the maritime container, we generate all the customs procedures to be able to carry out the different logistics processes in our warehouse then we proceed to its unloading, classification and location and once the material is available, we carry out different picking processes, unit picking, bulk picking, and full box picking.

This warehouse can move 600 boxes per hour, which means that we can carry out a complete picking process of approximately 10,000 full boxes and/or 300,000 units per shift. All the material that enters per season is received and classified in a time of 2 days for the more than 35 destinations throughout Europe.